At Robinson Transport our mission is to attract and retain customers by providing Best in Class transportation solutions and fostering a profitable, disciplined culture of safety, service, and trust.

Customer Testimonials

“Diamond K Gypsum regards Robinson Transport as one of their strongest business partners for freight needs. They are diligent in their efforts to do their very best, meeting the needs of the company on a daily basis. The drivers are professional, dedicated, on-time and friendly. We find doing business with them to be our pleasure and would highly recommend them.”

-Karen Palmer
Diamond K Gypsum, Inc.
435-896-8870 office
435-979-4316 mobile

“Hi everyone, my name is Russell Mason and I’m writing a review on Robinson Transport. I currently work at Redmond Minerals, a salt mine located just north of Redmond Utah. I’ve worked at Redmond Minerals for approx. 7 years but my association with Robinson Transport started many years ago at the SUFCO coal mine. I worked at the coal mine for 25 years, 14 of those years were spent loading Robinson trucks with coal that was trucked around the state to our various customers. Now, here at Redmond Minerals, I still work very close with Robinson Transport, and they’re still giving that same great service, the only thing that’s changed is the product, salt instead of coal. Robinson Transport is a great company with great people that provide great service. If we need trucks, we simply make a call and they make it happen. It doesn’t matter when that call goes out, they respond, and it’s always with the same great service. I think what I like best about Robinson Transport, besides their people, is knowing that they’ll do what they say they’ll do, that is peace of mind to me. I don’t have to worry or second guess or continually follow up to make sure it happens, I just don’t worry, and they make it happen. I couldn’t more highly recommend Robinson Transport, a great company with great people and I thank them for everything they’ve done for Redmond Minerals.”

-Russell Mason
Employee Testimonials

“My experience as a driver for Robinson has been great. Dispatch is knowledgeable and supportive, and most importantly, they keep me motivated on the road.”

“Robinson Transport has given me the flexibility to have a life with my family and make a good living operating a dedicated lane that gets me home twice per week. I’ve been running the same dedicated lane for over a year, and still enjoy my dedicated route.”