About Us

Robinson Transport, began as a small family owned business, with one truck, and one big dream. In the 1940’s they began with only two employees, Art J. Robinson, and his father Joseph Robinson. They have now grown to become one of the most renowned coal transporting companies in Utah.

In 1943 Art purchased his first coal truck, a used GMC gas-powered truck for $700, that was able to haul six tons per load of coal, and from then on he was able to continue to grow the company.  In 1946 Art began hauling coal from the Southern Utah Fuel Mine, but he didn’t stop there, Art also purchased several International tractors, a diesel Peterbilt and Hiel trailer so he could haul coal during the winter, and do construction work during the summer.

In 1975 he hit a milestone, by owning more than two tractor-trailer units at the same time, adding additional equipment to the fleet, and obtaining a contract to haul to the Navajo Power Plant in Page, AZ.  This haul was considered “the longest, largest tonnage coal truck haul in the U.S. and possibly the world.” This move established the viability of Robinson Transport Inc. and its ability to serve large power plants in a consistent and reliable manner without adverse effects on the community or the image of the mines or power plants.

In 1977, the business became a corporation, yet is still family owned and operated today. To date, Robinson Transport has shipped 70.9 million tons of coal and driven more than 266 million miles. That’s like shipping 14.2 million full-grown elephants around the Earth 10,700 times! Our drivers are experienced and safe, with driving records that are well above the national average. We can honestly say that no one has better drivers than we do.

Robinson also believes in giving back to its community and its employees. In 2008, Robinson won the highest award given by the U.S. Government to employers for their outstanding support of their employees who serve in the National Guard and Reserve. We provide the families of all of our deployed employees with $1000 every month to supplement their income, along with all company bonuses, full life, health and dental insurance. We are a family oriented company. As our owner Kim Robinson said, “[Our deployed employees] are over there worrying about their life for one thing, but on the other hand, they’re worrying about what their [families] are going through. If I can help them that way, then that’s a little less worry that they have.” We only hire the best people, we look out for them, and they want to work hard for us. We are a family owned company, and we think of our employees as family.

Robinson Transport Inc. is a family company and we haven’t forgotten who got us there. We stand by our employees, our community, and our country. No one has a tighter knit team of employees with a better work ethic.